3 Instant Ways to update your Bathroom


The bathroom is one of the most boring rooms in the house. It’s functional, but not much else. Or is it? Thinking outside the box will open your mind to some very interesting and creative bathroom designs. Modern interior design has a lot to say about the bathroom. In this post, we will discuss three quick changes you can make that will really change the look of your bathroom and bring its style up to date.

First of all, think about the lighting. It has probably been a while since you changed the light fixtures in your bathroom. Some old fixtures make the bathroom feel cold and clinical, while others might be dull, plain, or simply out of date. You can go with an ornate fixture like a faux chandelier, which will attract a lot of attention and admiration. On the other end of things, you could try a sleek, minimalist design for the lighting. Either one can work depending on the rest of the room’s elements.

Next, look at the mirrors. Most bathrooms have multiple large mirrors that dominate a lot of the wall space. This is another opportunity for some style. The sheer size of the mirrors means a change to their appearance would make a big difference in the room’s look. Think about giving the mirror some shape or an interesting frame. It doesn’t need to take up the whole wall: get a smaller mirror and let the wall show around it. This works best if you have an appealing wall pattern and an overall theme for the room. You can have wall-mounted mirrors, leaning mirrors, and even free-standing mirrors depending on how much space you have.

Speaking of wall real estate, redo the walls. Between paint, wallpaper, and tiles, you have many options for how you can change their look. Go for bold solid colors, an intricate pattern, something pale: you can make anything work as long as you commit to it and set the theme for the whole room. That last part is key. You are spending so much of the surface area of the room on a redesign that you really need to make it thematic. Much of the reason bathrooms look uninspired is because their look is cobbled together from piecemeal changes over the years. If you create a consistent theme, you have gone most of the way towards making the room look good. Changing the walls is a major step in that direction.

The bottom line is that bathrooms deserve more attention than they get. You should invest the time and money into updating your bathroom because just a little effort can make a big difference. Remember to decide on a theme and focus on it. The effect of having a theme is quite striking, and you will enjoy great feedback if the theme is clear.