4 Creative Ways to Get the Stylish Look You Want for Less


Looking stylish on a budget may seem almost impossible. As trends come and go, you might find yourself spending more money than you want every season just to keep your wardrobe up to date. Not everyone can afford to look like a celebrity on the red carpet, and not everyone can afford to spend more money every season just to stay on top of the current trends. No matter how much money you have in your clothing budget, you can still look stylish and on point. Just rely on some simple tips that budget shoppers picked up over the years.

Rely on Accessories

You can make your wardrobe look brand new again with some fresh and trendy accessories. Cosmopolitan recommends that you look for accessories that lend a bright pop of color to any outfit. Make that little black dress look like you just bought it from a designer with the addition of some red velvet heels that pulls the eye down. You can also mix things up with a funky statement necklace. A chunky necklace around your neck can breathe new life into that same old shirt you wear regularly to the office.

Know What Works for Your Body

Trends come and go and then come and go again. Did you ever expect to see those wedges from the 60s and 70s showing up in stores again? Even trends you didn’t like the first time around like stonewash jeans made a comeback in recent years. No matter how much you love some of those hot new trends, you must know what works for your body type. A capsule wardrobe that consists of just a few key pieces that flatter your figure will make you look great for years to come. You can always add in some new accessories later.

Shop the Sales

The fashion editor of Redbook recommends that you stick to your fashion budget by shopping the sales every year. Stores need to get rid of old merchandise to make room for new products long before the season ends. That great sheepskin coat might cost $500 in the early fall and drop to half price by the time winter arrives. You can save quite a bit on stylish new pieces when you wait for a sale. Shop and save on stylish pieces at the beginning or end of a new season. Summer clothing often goes on sale during September, and winter clothing gets marked down in December or January.

Hit the Thrifts

Do you really want to save money and still showcase your own personal sense of style? Don’t be afraid to seek out thrift stores in your city. These stores are a haven for budget shoppers. Those in larger cities often have designer merchandise at extremely low prices. You might find a flattering pair of jeans for $10 or a new pair of designer heels for $20 or less. No matter what style you like, you can get that great style at a lower price with sales and at thrift stores.