4 Critical Reasons to Winterize Your HVAC Unit


Taking a morning or afternoon to winterize your HVAC unit is a great investment that will ultimately save money. It’s tempting to blow off the chore of it since you will not be running the AC unit during the cold months, but the savings go beyond use and non-use of the equipment. Below are 4 of the top reasons to make plans to winterize your unit right away.

Preservation of Equipment

Covering up the air conditioning unit will help protect it from snow, ice and the sharp temperature changes of winter. Keeping it safe from moisture will limit the amount of damage and rust that can begin to harm the looks and operation of your HVAC unit. You will spend less money over the years in both repairs and expensive replacement. Materials to cover the unit cost a few dollars and can save hundreds and thousands of dollars over the years.

Opportunity to Visually Inspect the Unit

Take the time as you winterize to fully inspect the HVAC system. Finding problems early will minimize the costs of repairs and unit burn-out. It is the perfect time to check all lines, vents, ducts and electrical components for damage or weaknesses. It will help you be prepared to fire up the air conditioner when the weather begins to warm up again.

Energy Efficiency

How often have you felt a draft in the home and have been unable to find the exact spot the cold air is seeping in? It is common to feel cold drafts when the HVAC vents are left open for the winter. It brings down the energy efficiency as you struggle to keep the house warm and comfortable during the coldest winter days and nights. Shutting down the electric to the air conditioning part of your unit will also help ensure you are not accidentally turning it on and losing energy as it sits in standby mode. Here are a few other tips for general energy savings for your home.

Debris Removal

Rocks, sticks and leaves always seem to find their way to rest beside your HVAC unit and can cause unexpected damage or stress on the equipment. Take the time to remove items and long grass or weeds that can prevent good air flow to the outdoor portion of your unit. This is also the perfect time to clean the coils and fan so that you stand ready for the next season of AC demand.

Spending 3 or 4 hours today to winterize your HVAC unit will make a lot of difference in how well you are able to keep your home warm as the weather gets colder. The monetary savings alone make this a simple project that is well worth tackling.