4 Different Forms of Edible Cannabis


The popularity, variety and availability of cannabis edibles has exploded in recent years. The appeal of these products is clear: those who use marijuana can reap the benefits of the potent cannabinoids in a much more discreet manner, and without subjecting their lungs to potentially harmful smoke.

There are many types of edibles to choose from these days. However, one truth applies across the board: exploring the world of edibles comes with a responsibility to start with small amounts to avoid any unpleasant side effects, and to understand the often lengthy delay in effects as compared with smoking marijuana.

It is a good idea for an individual new to edibles to try different strains, strengths and products (in separate sittings) to figure out what works best for them. The Huffington Post wrote a piece on the importance of pacing oneself with edibles, even for experienced users.

Baked Goods

There are a variety of baked goods chock-full of cannabinoids on the market today. Everything from brownies to cookies to crispy rice treats may be available at the nearest dispensary. What’s more, real chefs are getting in on the edible action to ramp up the flavor profiles! The goal is to better satisfy a person’s sweet tooth as well as meet their need for relaxation or pain relief.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported on a chef in Illinois who is branching out into granola bites, a pre-made cookie batter mix and even a cannabis-infused chocolate drink. Her goal? To ensure those enjoying her special treats taste all of the ingredients in a balanced way, not just the medicinal aspect of the goodies.


One of the more soothing ways to ingest cannabis is in the form of infused honey. Users can simply add to tea or allow a spoonful to melt on the tongue to enjoy this edible.


Surprisingly, it turns out that many people find chocolate and cannabis to be two very complementary flavors. While the flavor combination is distinct and unmistakable, many people find it every bit as delicious as their favorite standard chocolate bar. Some even prefer the taste.

From milk chocolate to dark chocolate with bits of fruit or nuts, this form of edible cannabis is incredibly popular.

Gummy Candies

Arguably the sweetest, cutest form of edible cannabis, gummy bears and many other varieties of canna-candies are available at most dispensaries these days. These are convenient, extremely discreet and easy to carry, but as with all edibles, it is imperative to keep them out of the reach of children or anyone who may not realize the product contains THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis or marijuana.

Enjoy exploring the new generation of cannabis edibles… responsibly!