4 Essential High Priority Mail Hacks


You need a package to get to its destination as quickly and safely as possible. Almost everyone knows that shipping companies have same day or next day delivery, but that’s not always enough. What if you really want to make sure that your package is treated properly? There are a few essential life hacks that you can use to ensure your high priority¬†package gets to its destination safely and in record time.

Hazardous Materials
A common problem with shipping packages is that there is always the chance that it will be mishandled. The contents can be thrown all over the place and even destroyed from regular handling. What can you do to stop it? One of the best ways to stop this is to declare that the package is carrying hazardous materials. This will increase the shipping price a little, but if safety is your prime concern, then this is the best way to do it.

Put a can of hairspray or compressed air in the package and tell the shipping representative about the contents. He or she will mark it appropriately. This tells the workers in the back to treat the package with care. Your package will get the royal treatment, which ensures that everything will arrive in one piece.

No Lines and Free Perks
Do you want to avoid waiting in line and simultaneously get some free perks? Then making a prepaid label is definitely the way to go. Not only that, but this ensures that the shipping representative doesn’t mess anything up because you have the ability to go over every detail before the label is made. There are two great things about prepaid labels that will improve your whole shipping experience.

First of all, you don’t have to wait in line. Just walk up, give the package to the representative and that’s it. Another great thing is that you’ll normally get free perks. For example, USPS offers free tracking, which you would normally have to pay for if you talked to a representative.

Early Bird
No one likes being up at the crack of dawn, but being the first one in line at the post office has its advantages if you need to send something now. This ensures that there are fewer packages around, which makes the shipping safer and faster. Your package will also be the first on the truck. This helps give it a little speed boost so that it gets to its destination a little quicker.

Never forget to request a signature on arrival. This costs a little more, but it’s essential for any high priority shipment. Not only does this ensues that someone got the package, but you can see exactly who signed for it. You’ll have a contact name and guarantee that the package made it to the location in one piece.

Mailing any package can be a worrying experience, but these four hacks make the task a little easier. Keep them in mind during your next high-priority shipment to make the whole thing easier and smoother for you and the recipient.