4 Ideas on How-to Decorate for a Valentine’s Day Wedding


Valentine’s Day is widely regarded as one of the most romantic days of the year, so it makes sense that you may want your wedding to take place on this day. Many brides and grooms choose this as their preferred wedding date for similar reasons. While there are obvious and common ways to decorate for a Valentine’s Day wedding, you may want to look for a more original decorating scheme. These ideas can help.

Think About a Vintage Theme
Some Valentine’s Day decorating ideas can be over-the-top and extreme or gaudy. This is the last thing that you may want for your wedding, and a great idea is to think vintage. When you choose a vintage theme, you can incorporate the romance of historic elements into your wedding. For example, you can choose a lace wedding gown and classic yet subtle hues. Vintage can even be combined with Old World or country charm with beautiful results. Another touch to consider is to choose a band that plays truly classic hits from the 1920s or 1930s.

Find a Romantic Venue
The venue that you select for your Valentine’s Day wedding will set the tone of the entire event. In most locations, an outdoor wedding is not suitable in February. However, you may be able to take advantage of natural views when you choose a venue that has large windows and that overlooks a beautiful landscape. Incorporating nature into the scene can add an understated touch of elegance. You can dress up your venue with candlelight to increase the romantic ambiance in an understated, sophisticated way.

Choose Your Colors Carefully
When you think about Valentine’s Day, you may think about the rather gaudy and excessive use of bright red and carnation pink. While you could use these expected colors in your own wedding, a better idea may be to think about variations of them or even to use them as accent colors. For example, if you choose a vintage theme, a very pale pink can be combined with ivory and even touches of silver. Another idea is to use a deep crimson red color as an accent against ivory. This may look stunning when paired with lace decorative elements and candlelight.

Pay Attention to Your Flowers
Roses are a common floral selection, but you may not want to choose the obvious for wedding. There are many other flowers that are available in various shades of red, pink and ivory that may complement your event beautifully. Remember that you can add lace or satin trim to the bouquets, and you can make ample use of baby’s breath for an added touch of subtle decoration.

The most beautiful Valentine’s Day weddings are truly romantic, but they do not overdo the commercialized nature of the day. Hearts and slogans should not be used if you want a classic, sophisticated affair. You can touch on the day by choosing variations of the colors associated with Valentine’s Day, but you should avoid excessively drawing attention to the day for the best results.