4 Steps To Follow After Personal Injury Occurs


The steps that you take immediately after you are injured at the hands of another party will determine whether you are compensated or left holding the bag with the costs of your medical bills.

Consider these four steps to follow after a personal injury occurs so you are not suffering financially into your later years as a result.

Step 1. Calling for Medical Assistance – Your health is priority one, and internal injuries could be life-threatening despite you not seeing anything wrong. Call for an ambulance, call 911, and make certain the police are notified. If you are unable to move, make certain anyone close by can use their phone to make the call. Wait until the police arrive at the scene, allow them to ask any questions so they can get it in their report, then take that ambulance ride to the local hospital despite how you think you may feel because adrenaline in the body could be masking serious internal injuries.

Step 2. Preserve the Scene – While you are waiting for medical assistance, start taking pictures of your location. Just about everybody today has their mobile device within arms reach. As long as you can move your arms, take pictures of the surrounding area to preserve the scene. If you are with family, friends, or coworkers, make certain somebody takes plenty of pictures that can be used to prove your case in the event they are needed at trial.

Step 3. Calling a Personal Injury Lawyer – Now that medical assistance is on the way and you have documented as much of the location as possible, call a local personal injury attorney. These accident attorneys will rush to consult with you at the hospital to address any questions or concerns you might have. They will also deploy their own team of accident investigators back to the scene of the accident to carefully preserve everything and gather information about any potential witnesses.

Step 4. Meeting with Medical Professionals – While the staff at the hospital is going to make certain none of your injuries are life-threatening, your attorney is working behind the scenes to get you to see the top medical professionals in their fields. It is critical you see these medical experts because they are going to be a critical part of the case moving forward as their testimony carries significant weight in the courts. If needed, these physicians will even come to court as expert witnesses to attest to the extent of your injuries.

If you follow these four steps after suffering a personal injury, you’ll be in the best position to have your case presented to the courts in a way that will yield you the larger possible cash settlement.