4 Things You Should Look for When Purchasing a BBQ Smoker


If you have decided to purchase a smoker, you have made a wise decision. The taste of your own home-smoked meat is truly magical. The fun you get to have at home smoking your own food is amazing. If you are new to the world of smokers, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are many factors you must consider when choosing which smoker to buy. Here is a look at four things you should look for when purchasing a BBQ smoker.

1. The Fuel Source You Want to Use

This is the most contentious point among smoking aficionados. In fact, the arguments between barbecue fans on which fuel source is best for smoking can become extremely heated. You must decide which fuel source you prefer before you buy your smoker. Some of the most popular heating choices include charcoal, wood, wood pellets, propane and electricity. Decide which heat source appeals to you, but be prepared for other BBQ fans to argue with you about your choice no matter which one you go with.

2. Size Matters

You can choose the size you need for your smoker with one figure. The maximum number of people you think it is possible you will cook for should determine the size of your smoker. This will allow you to always be able to cook everything you need to. It is always possible to cook less food in a large smoker, but you will always be limited to the amount of food you can fit in your smoker. Make sure your smoker is large enough enough to handle the job.

3. The Features You Desire

It is important to consider which features you consider essential on your smoker. A digital temperature gauge is a handy feature in newer smokers. Infrared burners to sear meat at high temperatures are handy. Cast iron grill grates, side tables and warming grates are other useful features you may wish to consider.

4. Portability

This is a crucial factor to consider when you are picking out the perfect smoker to meet your needs. If you want to impress your friends at tailgates, having a portable smoker that you can load up in your vehicle is essential. However, if you do all your cooking at home, then having a large smoker that is stationary is just fine.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into picking out the right smoker. You need to do the proper research and take your time to find the ideal smoker for your cooking needs. When you find the right smoker to match your cooking style, you will be blown away at how it inspires your cooking to reach ever greater heights.