5 Benefits of Using an External Catheter

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An external catheter, also known as a condom catheter or Texas catheter, differs from a Foley catheter in a significant way. As the name implies, the external catheter does not require the inserting of a tube into the urethra up to the bladder in order to function. Rather, it is designed to fit over a man’s penis without the need for anything being inserted internally. There is a version of the external catheter that is available for women as well.

There are five significant benefits associated with an external catheter. Contemplating these benefits can assist a person in determining whether this type of catheter makes sense and is an appropriate choice.


A primary benefit of an external catheter is comfort. As mentioned, nothing need be inserted internally in order to obtain relief when using an external catheter. Men particularly complain about the pain and discomfort associated with the insertion and maintenance of an internal catheter inside the urethra and penis.

Ease of Use

Another benefit associated with using an external catheter is that it is user friendly, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. The device is very easy to use. It fits over the top of a man’s penis and can be put in place with ease. The placement and removal of an external catheter does not require the assistance of trained medical personnel.

Lower Risk of Infection

An important benefit of an external catheter is the fact that the risk of infection is significantly lower than is the case with the internal derivation, according to the Mayo Clinic. Indeed, if a person is destined to use an internal catheter for any length of time, odds are that an infection will develop, or even occur frequently.


The external catheter is beneficial because it is not evident when in used. An internal, or indwelling, catheter is noticeable in many instances. With an external catheter, the easy to place cap is connected to a bag that can be fully concealed on a wearer’s leg, under pants.

Different Sizes

Another benefit associated with an external catheter is the fact that the device comes in different sizes. This optimizes both functionalist and comfort. A user of an external catheter can rest assured that no mishaps will occur because the device is designed in an array of sizes, one that will best meet the needs of a particular user of this type of product.