5 Clever Social Media Best Practices


Social media has become an effective medium through which business owners can advertise their goods and services in the online world. As such, it’s important for corporate leaders to know which strategies and systems to implement so that their social media optimization (SMO) campaign generates an exceptional return on investment (ROI). Review the following outline of five clever social media best practices to ensure that your company keeps moving forward:

1. Video.

Many marketing experts now agree that videos are no longer just for the YouTube world. Rather, they are being appropriated through social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. It’s important to know that innovation and strategy will become even more important in the video advertisement process given that so many will flood the social media world in 2016. As such, business owners need to do target market research and implement creativity to ensure that their videos keep the audience engaged and impressed.

2. Online Reviews.

In a world where negative feedback in the online world can compromise the business owner’s reputation, corporate leaders who want to improve their bottom line and extend their sphere of influence need to ensure that they are getting great online reviews. This will ensure that the brand’s online reputation is as powerful and positive as possible. In general, digital marketing companies will offer online reputation management (ORM) services to encourage positive feedback from the brand owner’s customers.

3. Content.

Content has been and remains the single most important internet marketing strategy of the contemporary world. In terms of social media, business owners need to ensure that the content they produce is optimized to appeal to the ideological slant and interests of the target market. Additionally, corporate leaders need to ensure that they are publishing the content on the social media channels that their target audience uses most frequently.

4. Use Social Media Automation Tools.

In his article “Can’t Keep Up? 5 Ways to Simplify Your Social Media Marketing,” Neil Patel notes that using social media automation tools can take your SMO campaign from good to great. Some of the more popular automation tools include SocialOomph, Buffer, and Hootsuite. Each of these resources enables you to utilize social media in a simpler manner. Although automation tools do entail subscription tools, the time and frustration saved make them worth the investment.

5. Analyze Everything.

As Brent Glenson notes in “5 Things You Should Stop Doing In Social Media Marketing By 2016,” tracking the progress of your social media marketing campaign is important. For example, Glenson notes that one of the most effective ways to gauge the efficacy of a social media campaign is to determine which posts are bringing the most traffic to your site. Analyzing this information can help you fine-tune your marketing strategies to maximize traffic and enhance your return on investment.

If you run a company and want to ensure that your social media marketing endeavors are as successful as possible, the information outlined above can assist you. Utilize some or all of these helpful hints to help you optimize your conversion rates and build your customer base!