5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Seeing a Tailor


Seeing a tailor is a great way to get your clothes altered so that they fit you better, but many people make mistakes when they see a tailor for the first time because they don’t know what to expect. Most first timers either want too much or they aren’t sure what options are available to them. These are the top five mistakes and assumptions that people make, and the truth behind them so that you know what to expect.

Custom Fitting
The truth is that a tailor can make a garment fit you perfectly by taking certain parts in or out, but the garment must be a close fit for this to occur. If they are taking out the seams to add length, then this means only a little extra room can be added. If they are removing material, they will can only take about one or two sizes off to keep the original garment’s proportions. You can fix this by either getting a new garment that nearly fits you and bringing it to a tailor, or asking them to make you custom clothes.

Adding Zippers
Some people want to have their dresses made larger so that they are easier to fit into, but this isn’t always the best option. While it might be easier to put on, the dress may not fit properly anymore. Many people don’t know that a tailor can simply add a zipper. There will be a little extra material near the area, but the added convenience is often worth it.

Altering Necklines
If you absolutely love a dress or top but hate the neckline because it isn’t flattering, then you can bring it to a tailor to have it completely altered. This is quite easy for tailors because they can add lace and other materials, or take in areas until the neckline makes the garment even more beautiful. Tailors can also change the type of neckline to add or remove space.

Tailors often receive requests to make changes to jackets that are either very difficult or impossible. Tailors cannot reasonably remove shoulder pads from jackets because then the garment will not fit properly. This will cause the material to improperly fit your shoulders and arms. They also cannot lengthen jackets since there isn’t enough seam allowance, but shortening might be possible.

Expecting New Garments
Some people bring garments to tailors and expect them to change the original design, add vast amounts of new material and alter the sizing dramatically until it fits like a dream. Tailors are good at making many changes to clothing, but they can’t work miracles. You have to be understanding of what tailors can and cannot do.

Tailors are great for making alterations to ensure clothes fit perfectly and they can make a wide array of changes, but most people aren’t sure what to expect during their first visit. Just remember that your requests must be reasonable, and you can always talk to your tailor to see what his or her thoughts are on your requests.