5 Important Things to Remember the Day of Your Move


Moving is never easy no matter how big your house is or where you’re heading. When it’s time to move, you have to worry about significant logistics. You must also worry about your things being damaged. At the end of the day, you’ll want to make it out of this process with your property in good shape and your move handled on time. There are certain things you must remember to make the process flow more smoothly.

1. Label your boxes appropriately
Don’t make the mistake of throwing everything into brown boxes. When you get to your new home, you will need to unpack these things. This becomes much more difficult if you don’t have a system in place. Make sure you mark what everything is that’s going into the boxes. Put your kitchen things in one box, your bedroom items in a box, and your tools in another box. This will save time and confusion.

2. Take the real valuables with you
If you’re hiring a moving company, you should still take your extreme valuables with you. If there’s a picture you just can’t stand to see broken, then it should be in the car with you. You shouldn’t leave those sorts of issues to chance. Though companies do a good job of protecting things, accidents do happen.

3. Bring the right equipment
If you hire a moving company, you are in the clear, as they will have the things they need to make it work. If you’re moving on your own, you will need the right equipment. Make sure you get a dolly so you can move the big things in and out of your home. Make sure you also have a support belt that helps your back as you lift heavy things.

4. Wear the right clothing
There is nothing worse than trying to move big, heavy things while you’re in your Sunday bests. You should put on an old pair of shoes and throw on clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Moving day is not a time to impress. It’s a time for practicality. This extends all the way down to your clothing.

5. Remember you probably can’t do it alone
Even if you’re big and strong, you’ll probably need help to do a good job. Don’t make the mistake of trying to handle things on your own. Instead, call some of your friends or get in touch with a company that can help. Good friends might be there to assist you in a pinch. If not, you can get a company to help you with the move. It will be worth your money to save the time and protect your belongings from damage.