5 Innovative Uses for SOLIDWORKS Sims


SolidWorks is considered the premier 3D CAD program because it offers a massive number of benefits that you won’t get with common 2D design programs. While many people are moving to this software package because 3D designing has obvious perks, most engineers don’t know all the special tools and simulations they can run with this program. There are some truly innovative tools here that will help ensure that your product is perfect before it moves to manufacturing.

Thermal Analysis
If you’re creating a simple product without electricity, like a stapler or bottle, then thermal analysis might seem like a waste of time. That all changes if your product is made to endure punishing movement and high temperatures. Thermal analysis puts your model through realistic tests to show you where the temperature will be its highest. Not only that, but it can show you if any areas are too weak to withstand these conditions.

Collision Detection
Collision detection is incredibly important during 3D modeling and any manufacturing process. While some parts might be made to slam together, most parts should move independently of each other to avoid causing internal damage. This can be close to impossible to detect with 2D modeling, but it’s incredibly important. Usually these issues are discovered during the prototyping stage, but you then have to go back to the drawing to fix mistakes. Instead of going through this long and costly processing, SoldWorks allows you to do everything before manufacturing even starts.

Object Relativity
Even the simplest 3D models have various parts. Most engineers will find that certain parts have to be either increased or decreased in size to meet the demands of the product and budget. Usually this is a tedious process where the part has to be individually changed and the nearby parts have to be moved to accommodate the change. SolidWorks allows you to set object relativity. This means that you can change a part and do all the other steps simultaneously.

Perfect 2D Shots
One of the best things about a 3D design program is that you can fluidly move the model in any direction. At the same time, sometimes investors or managers just want to see 2D shots from different angles. With a 2D program, you would have to draw each shot by hand. This takes a massive amount of time and effort. SolidWorks allows you to take these 2D shots while moving the 3D model, and it even has a tool that helps detail the parts so that it looks amazing.

Different Environments
What environment will your design be in? Will it be underwater, in a hot gym or a busy office building? SolidWorks allows you to test your products in virtual environments that will show how it will realistically perform, and there are also design tools to help you show what the product will look like in its natural habitat.

SolidWorks is considered one of the best design programs because it has so much to offer. Not only does it subject your designs to realistic tests to see how viable it is, but there are dozens of tools to help you design and show off your products.