5 Innovative Ways to Enjoy a Cradled Cell Phone


Cell phone cradles are a newer addition to the mobile device accessory pack. Also called cell phone docks, cell phone mounts and cell phone stands, these devices allow you to talk without bearing the risks that come with cell phone use.

In this post, learn about 5 innovative ways you can enjoy adding a cradled cell phone to your accessories pack.

Different Types of Cell Phone Cradles
You can take advantage of different types of cell phone cradles for different situations. Some of the most common cradle types include these:

Vehicle. Dashboard, steering wheel, vent mounts and windshield mounts are allĀ common safe places for a cradle.
Office. Stands and headset mounts are the most common types.
On the go. Selfie sticks, finger holders, tripods and belt clips are common.

5 Creative Ways to Enjoy a Cell Phone Cradle
Here are five ways you can start enjoying the benefits of a cradle today.

Benefit #1: No more neck, back, hand or arm strain.
Because of the versatility of these cradles, you won’t have to cope with the pain and discomfort that holding a cell phone to your ear for long periods of time can cause. This ergonomic benefit is perhaps the most compelling reason to add a cradle to your cell phone.

Benefit #2: You can multi-task with ease.
Especially in fast-paced office environments where you are expected to attend to phone calls while taking care of customers, updating or looking up data and shuffling paperwork, a cradle gives you that essential in-office tool – two free hands to work with. Some cradles also come with a variety of different attachments so if you have to leave the office for an off-site meeting, you can continue talking without interruption.

Benefit #3: You will be safer and so will everyone around you.
The ever-lengthening list of stories of accidents caused by texting, talking and other cell phone use range from funny to fatal. This is why some cities and even whole states have outlawed anything but hands-free cell phone use when you are behind the wheel. It may seem restrictive, but when you add a cell phone cradle to your vehicle’s accessories kit, you will discover the many safety benefits it adds.

Benefit #4: Your cell phone signal will increase.
In many cell phone cradle models, the use of the cradle can also boost your cell phone signal. More cradles today are coming with these added perks so you won’t have to deal with irritations like dropped calls while you are on the go or traveling in new places.

Benefit #5: Your cradle plays well with others.
Many cell phone cradles are designed to easily pair with bluetooth-enabled devices and other wireless or hands-free accessories so you don’t have to change out your entire accessories kit every time you add a new device.