5 Reasons to Switch from Traditional Cigars to E-Cigars


Since tobacco was brought across the Mexican border at the dawn of the United States, the American people have been consumed by it. It is a temptation that many people have indulged in, whether to relieve stress, out of peer pressure, or just because they wanted to enhance a lovely evening. However, as Americans well know today, tobacco is plagued with health problems. But the advent of technology has provided a workable solution to this. Just as technology enhances our comfort, convenience, and efficiency, it enhances our health. Many people are switching to the innovation known as the e-cigar.

1 – E-cigars are eco-friendly.
People across the western world have become concerned about the impact of climate change. Small towns are forming committees to lead the effort to increase recycling and reduce waste. There are international initiatives to combat the environmental deterioration. People are deeply concerned with the sort of life that they are going to leave for their children and grandchildren. E-cigars contribute to that effort. They do not contain tar or toxins. The do not emit harmful smoke into the atmosphere. People who want to do their part for the environmentally friendly movement are switching to e-cigars.

2 – You will not carry a foul odor.
A cigar can smell lovely as you are sitting outside on your porch enjoying it. But that is quite a contrast with the smell of a stale cigar. You probably do not even realize that you smell like a stale cigar. It is usually more evident to other people than it is to you. This can be quite embarrassing, particularly if you are trying to meet new people. Also, you do not want your children to be repelled by sitting in your lap because you smell so bad. On the other hand, e-cigars are virtually odorless.

3 – The risk of cancer.
Many people do not realize that cigars cause cancer just as cigarettes do. While there may be a lower risk of lung cancer, since most cigar smokers do not inhale the smoke, there is still a high risk of oral cancer (and still an elevated risk of lung cancer. Certainly more than what a non-smoker is confronted with). But e-cigars do not have any of those harmful toxins. You can smoke without exposing your mouth and lips to harmful smoke.

4 – They wean you off nicotine.
Just like cigarettes, cigars are highly addictive. A single cigar has as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. But e-cigars come with an adjustable amount of nicotine. Many people are switching to e-cigars to wean themselves off.

5 – No fire risk.
The potential for a fire has always been a consideration for smokers of any stripe. They have an open burn and many people treat it too casually. Cigars are even more dangerous than cigarettes in this respect. But the e-cigar does not have an open burn and will not leave you vulnerable to a fire.