5 Tips for Negotiating Your Job Offer


Getting a job offer can be exciting due to the new opportunity that is available when you want to progress in your career. Although you can have the chance to start a new job, it may be necessary to negotiate the salary or benefits if you’re not satisfied with the offer. Successfully negotiating with your new employer without creating tension is possible by following a few tips.

1. Research What You’re Worth

According to thebalance.com, researching what you’re worth will allow you to have more negotiating power to ensure that you can get a higher salary or more vacation time. Research the average wage in the state for the job that you’re applying for and consider the experience that you have before negotiating.

2. Evaluate the Job Offer

Evaluating the job offer will allow you to inquire about possible commissions, projected salary increases, bonuses, growth opportunities, and benefits. Crunch a few numbers to determine if you need to ask for a higher salary. In some cases, the salary may be less than you expected but the medical and dental benefits are worth taking the job. Create a pros and cons list to determine if it’s worth accepting the job offer and won’t cause you live paycheck to paycheck.

3. Be Prepared for Tough Questions

According to hbr.org, you’ll likely need to answer tough questions if you attempt to negotiate the job offer. The questions may expose your weaknesses or if the company is your top choice. Answer honestly without looking like an unattractive candidate. Practice answering a few challenging questions ahead of time to prepare yourself.

4. Remain Patient

While negotiating, it’s important to be comfortable with awkward silences as you wait to respond to the recruiter’s offer. Avoid responding too quickly and allow yourself to evaluate what is offered. Waiting to respond can allow them to increase the benefits by attempting to avoid the long pause. Remain calm and keep in mind that you don’t have to rush the process while conversing with the other party.

5. Leave Your Emotions Outside

Avoid becoming emotional during the negotiation process, which can make you appear unprofessional and cause the recruiter to retract the job offer. View the negotiation process as a business transaction and avoid letting pride or fear impact what you say during the meeting. Remind yourself that you aren’t necessarily losing out on the job opportunity if your requests are rejected.

Negotiating your job offer requires plenty of preparation to ensure that you can make your points appear valid. By following a few tips, you can increase your chance of obtaining a higher salary, more vacation time, or better benefits.