5 Unlikely Professions for POS Systems


Although a decade ago, POS Systems were still largely stodgy, embedded applications that were sold by large corporations that wanted merchants to add a large hardware package to them, the past few years have seen a real change in both the number and the variety of POS options that are available for business owners. Today, you can choose from free options that are available through third-party payment processors, or you can even look at adding stable open source solutions that many consultants have customized. The net result in the marketplace has been quite a few different companies adopting POS systems that are not necessarily the first type of business that you would assume would actually use one.

Here are 5 unlikely professions that use POS Systems:

Medical Practice Doctors: Although most medical doctors still use software that is tied to government medical reporting requirements, many dentists and ophthalmologists use POS systems that are more retail-oriented for their customers that are purchasing glasses and contacts on a regular basis. And while it is possible, therefore to ask them about generating gift cards from their system for that special relative, the number one surprise in this industry are the number of doctors who chose their own system and built all of the requirements for its use.

Morticians: Not too many people think about what type of software system they use in a mortuary. Nonetheless, although there are plenty of company-wide database systems available, some mortuaries and funeral homes are proud owners of the latest POS systems, something that makes it easier for people to pay when they are going through a very difficult emotional time.

Independent Tow-Truck Drivers: You can thank the advent of smartphones and tablets for the increased number of tow-truck drivers that are sporting POS systems that allow you to pay for your broken down car to be towed. On the other hand, what you want to look for if you have towing insurance is the tow-truck driver that has a POS that will not charge you until after the insurance company has had a chance to jump in and offer to pay them directly.

Artists: When you think about it, people who paint pictures and murals for a living do not always sell their work in galleries. Degas and other famous painters are known to have held several sales where they sold their work directly to visitors. So it makes sense that artists that you find in the park selling artwork on the weekends would start to use their own POS systems in order to help them make sales easier for their clients. It is also nice for clients to find out that because the White House decided to push for even greater security for small businesses that use POS systems, artists now have access to very sophisticated software that will keep your transaction safe.

Home Repair Specialists: Contractors and repair people for home systems are frequently on-call and just as frequently on the road to work with their next client. They are another group of people that has been able to take advantage of the fact that sophisticated POS systems are now available for IOS and Android. So the next time that you have a leaky roof and call a contractor, don’t be surprised if they offer you the capability of paying for the repairs with your VISA in a secure environment right in front of you.

Going forward, there will probably continue to be diffusion in POS systems that put them into even more professions that may not have considered them in the past- which certainly provides the modern customer with more convenience than they had before.