5 Ways Signage Helps Market Your Business


Successful businesses today take full advantage of signage opportunities. Often, a little creativity in this area furnishes commercial ventures with big advantages. Just consider these five useful ways to employ signage to help build your customer base:

One: Prominent Street Signs

Many savvy business owners pay close attention to signage issues before selecting a commercial location. Especially if a company depends upon retail customers, the firm requires the ability to disseminate information about its presence in the neighborhood.

Some customers will patronize stores for the first time largely on impulse, because they happen to see a sign for the type of business offering the goods and services they require at the moment. While members of the public may make an effort to seek out an exceptional retailer for further business transactions, the visibility of a street sign often accounts for initial business development.

Two: Digital Signage Advertising

Today, a growing number of retailers combine Internet advertising with highly effective digital signage. Sometimes, this advertising occupies locations once dedicated to roadside billboards.

Digital signs enable advertisers to promote a series of messages to crowds passing through specific areas. Businesses today sometimes use digital signage to compensate for an absence of effective street signs in certain locations.

Three: Window Signs

Another popular innovation recently relates to a growth in the popularity of window signs. Small firms sharing office space with banks, insurance agencies or other large enterprises may find window signs very effective in directing customers to their location.

It can prove difficult for new customers to locate a startup in a towering office complex, for instance. Customers may patronize the business because a pedestrians or drivers noticed a window sign.

Four: Aerial Signage

One of the most effective ways to announce a new business opening sometimes involves the use of creative aerial signage. Businesses sometimes employ attractive aerial banners to direct attention to a new location.

In some urban areas, companies pay balloonists to give passengers rides in giant hot air balloons displaying a corporate logo. This creative form of promotion sometimes costs a significant sum, yet it contributes to public goodwill.

Five: Don’t Overlook Logo Wear Signage

Another unusual, yet very effective, form of signage concerns the use of promotional gifts and logo wear clothing. People who carry the names or business logos of companies on their clothing essentially provide free advertising for the firm.

This type of signage remains unpredictable and hard to quantify. For instance, a manager may not know whether a logo T-shirt given to a loyal customer will actually produce a quantifiable increase in business. Yet over the course of time, using this marketing strategy likely does help familiarize large numbers of customers with company brands. Numerous sports franchises have embraced this promotional form of wearable signage.

Effective Sign Placement

By paying close attention to the placement of signs advertising your business, you’ll let prospective customers know about your services more effectively. This process can provide your firm with increasing revenues.