6 Important Tips for Budgeting and Scheduling Construction


You can’t hope to have a successful remodeling project without some planning being done before the project begins. While designers and contractors have their own set process, homeowners will need to follow these tips for budget and scheduling.

Choose an Architect or Designer

Designers can be hired to help draw up plans that don’t involve structural changes. They can help with material, color and overall design choices for finishes and the layout of the room when it’s finished. An architect should be hired when the plans involve additions or structural work.

To choose a designer or architect, you’ll want to interview them. You’ll be working with this person closely, so it should be a professional who is enjoyable. When consulting with a design professional, have a figure in mind for your budget, so when you get offers for services, they’ll match your vision of the home. You don’t want to hire a designer or architect who will try to make million dollar renovations to the home when you have a budget of $50,000.

Start with a Plan

Whether you choose to go with a designer or architect, that professional will create schematic plans for the construction. It could be a look at the exterior, if there’s an addition planned, or a detailed layout for the interior during a renovation.

This phase of the project can take a few months as the design professional draws up the plans, and the homeowner makes any design changes. It would depend on the scope of the project too. Large projects will take longer to plan than smaller projects.

Get Estimates for Contractors

Once the final drawing has been established, it’s time to start interviewing contractors. You can start with recommendations from friends and family for contractors they’ve used in the past with good results.

Once the contractors have been narrowed down, you can ask for estimates. Use the schematics to help them reach the estimate amount. Make sure you’re interviewing them too. Between the estimate and the interview, you can choose your candidate.

Hire a Qualified Company

The company you end up choosing for your construction project should be licensed in your state for the work being done. Before signing any contracts with these professionals, including the architect or designer, make sure they are licensed to work in your state.

Shop Before Construction

While the design and hiring phase is happening, you can shop for your finishes. This is when you can figure out the types of doorknobs, windows, light fixtures and plumbing fixtures you might want in the home. Have an idea of the costs of these details. That will be included in the budgeting of the construction.

Have All the Permits

It can take days or weeks to get permits for construction. Don’t wait until the last minute to get these permits from the town. There’s an application process involved as well as permit fees that should be taken into account too.

It could be up to 6 months before the project is ready to start, but once the planning stages are over, there shouldn’t be many surprises in the process itself. Planning helps the whole process run smoothly.