6 Innovative Greeting Card Ideas For Valentine’s Day


On February 14th, people in the United States will celebrate Valentine’s Day, one of the most romantic holidays. If you’ve searched for a creative, fun way to send a greeting card to someone during this time of year, you might want to consider some of these innovative ideas:

One: Send a Very Large Card

Designing a huge Valentine’s Day card yourself will impress the recipient. By making your card from construction paper and decorating it tastefully, you’ll demonstrate personal effort. Try using red and white construction paper, and allow at least one square foot for the finished card. The large dimensions will help your message really stand out!

Two: Use Candy to Create a Valentine’s Day Card

If you enjoy creative projects, then employing wrapped pieces of candy to create a valentine’s day card will provide a yummy treat for the recipient. Use small pieces of transparent tape to affix foil wrapped pieces of candy firmly to your card. Statistics indicate that, as a group, consumers will spend $1.7 billion on candy during this holiday period. Your sweet Valentine’s Day card will certainly reflect this popular trend in an innovative way!

Three: Deliver Your Card in a Gift Box

Sometimes the packaging interests people who receive gifts almost as much as the contents. If you enjoy gift wrapping with bows and many lovely shades of paper, or if you simply want to give your Valentine’s Day friend a nice jewelry box, consider slipping your card inside and delivering the item in person as a Valentine’s Day Card With Box.

Four: Share an Tasty Valentine’s Day Card

If you enjoy cooking, then preparing a heart-shaped sugar cookie surface to function as your Valentine’s Day card will offer some fun and creativity. Purchase a standard sugar cookie mix from the baking aisle of your grocery store, but instead of making a dozen small cookies, use a pizza tray to create one very large heart-shaped cookie. Place your Valentine’s Day message in red icing in the center of this edible card.

Five: Use a Drone as Your Message Deliverer

One very modern, innovative high tech way to send your Valentine’s Day greeting card requires a permit to operate a drone and a little careful advanced planning. Today, a growing number of people use small drones for hobby purposes. You might want to invite your card recipient to an open area, such as a park, and then deliver your Valentine’s Day card and a romantic box of chocolates via a decorated flying drone. You’ll need to check first with your city officials to make sure that the municipality and regulatory agencies permit drone delivery of Valentine’s Day cards in your locale.

Six: Transform a Coffee Mug Into a Card

One creative Valentine’s Day card will please anyone’s sweet tooth. Use cut-out stencil cardboard lettering and hearts to decorate a white coffee mug for use as a temporary Valentine’s Day card. Fill the interior with candy or hot chocolate to reinforce your message.

A Romantic Holiday

However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with someone you love, one fact remains certain. You’ll share one of the most romantic and affectionate holidays!