6 Innovative Lighting Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Like Spring

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When the sun sets in the spring, you can light up the environment around a porch, deck, or patio by using a variety of lighting solutions. However, if you want to illuminate different zones in a dramatic way, there are six options that are worth considering.


Pendant lights can dramatically enhance a party zone in a yard around a patio or deck. These products can give a landscape curb appeal because they’re designed in trendy shapes with bold colors. If you select a pendant light that has a geometrical space, a lot of light will illuminate the environment as the beams shine through the vibrant pendant frame. Many people hang these lighting products during elegant gatherings since they’re bright and glamorous.

String Options

During a cookout, string lights can make your property inviting. In order to use these products strategically throughout a landscape, you must run everything in a line along a path. Spring lights generate a soft light, which is why they can effectively illuminate a path without producing heavy glare.

Because string lights aren’t dramatically bright, you could also place them near dining tables that are arranged on a patio or deck. This tactic is very popular in the restaurant industry in the spring, as many professional designers use string lighting options to enhance the surroundings on commercial patios.


Lanterns are very trendy and stylish because modern designer use unique patterns to highlight the housing materials. If you have a country home, lanterns can give the landscape around the house flair without decreasing curb appeal. The process of designing a yard with multiple lanterns isn’t a hassle because most pieces have practical hardware that secures in place with ease.


When a landscape needs ambiance, LED products can be used to decorate and enhance the surroundings. LED strips are one of the best options for zones where traditional lights can’t access. For example, if you need light underneath a ledge or chair, you can illuminate the dull spots by using LED solutions.


Uplighting products are very bold, and they can make a house stand out in a neighborhood. These lights are bold and bright, so everyone will notice the illumination effects after the hardware is secured around a landscape.


Solar lights can help you illuminate your landscape throughout the spring without any effort. After sunlight charges the battery on each device, the solar hardware will power the lights automatically.