6 Long Distance Moving Secrets

Long Distance Moving - Retro Clip Art

A long-distance move may take many long weeks or months of effort. It can also cost a small fortune and create mounds of stress and anxiety. The good news is that there are a few long-distance moving secrets that you can tap into in order to enjoy a more streamlined experience from start to finish.

Save Big Bucks Moving Yourself
If you are strapped for cash and are trying to move on a dime, you can save a lot of money by moving on your own. You will simply pay for the cost of a moving truck rental and related moving equipment. Before you attempt to relocate on your own, ensure that you have the strength and physical health necessary to accomplish this feat. Even if your friends will help you load the truck, they likely will not be available to help you unload it at your new location.

Kids and Pets Can Get in the Way
Regardless of whether you hire movers or load the truck on your own, kids and pets can be problematic. Create a plan for their care on moving day. For example, ask an older child to be responsible for their care, or take pets to a kennel for the day.

Look for Affordable Supplies
Moving usually requires the use of dozens of boxes, wrapping or packing materials, box tape and more. You may be able to get your hands on free merchandise by talking to a friend who has recently moved and may be eager to get these items out of their home. Some local associations or organizations may also offer free or discounted moving supplies.

Pack Strategically
In addition to boxes, you can use storage bins, plastic garbage bags and other items for packing. Pack up storage areas and seasonal items first. Progressively pack items that more vital and relevant to daily life as you get closer to moving day.

Screen Moving Companies Carefully
If you plan to hire help, make reservations with movers well ahead of time. Carefully screen moving companies based on their experience, reviews and credentials. This should be considered before you narrow down the options based on cost.

Make Travel Plans
With a long-distance move, you will usually need to make some type of travel plans. If you are driving to your new home, you may need to make a few hotel reservations. If you plan to fly after the movers drive off in the moving truck, you need to make flight plans.

Moving a long distance away requires substantial planning and plenty of hard work. Each of these tips will help you to navigate through the relocation process more easily. Remember to give yourself ample time to complete all stages of the process.