6 Smart Tips for Moving Cross Country


If you are planning to move across the country, you can make things easier on yourself if you follow a few smart tips. Long-distance moving is stressful enough, and planning ahead and following the right advice will alleviate some of your worries. Here are six smart tips to help you with your cross-country move.

Get Several Moving Quotes

Saving money is always a good thing while moving, and you will want to get as many price quotes as possible from reputable moving companies. You may be inclined to go with the first movers that fit within your budget, but you can possibly save even more money if you shop around a little more.

Watch Out for Scams

Some movers are known to scam customers and will even hold their belongings hostage until extra fees are paid. Even though you will want to obtain the lowest moving quote possible, a quote that is extremely low is likely too good to be true. CBS News recommends checking a moving company’s complaint record with the Better Business Bureau and getting all price information in writing to avoid becoming the victim of a scam.

The DIY Route

Renting a truck and doing the move yourself can be less expensive than hiring movers, but you should take a few things into consideration if you are thinking about choosing this route. You should be equipped to handle all the heavy lifting of your belongings and drive yourself to your new destination. You will also need to budget for gas, meals and lodging along the way.

Find Clever Ways to Pack Your Belongings

The costs of getting moving boxes can really add up, and you might be able to save some money by finding other ways to pack some of your belongings. For example, you can pack certain items in suitcases and other luggage pieces. Clothes can be left on hangers and wrapped in garbage bags for protection. Empty egg cartons are great for packing jewelry.

Downsize Your Possessions

Moving a lot of extra stuff can be cumbersome and expensive, especially when you are moving across the country. You should get rid of any clothes, electronics or other items that are no longer needed. You can give these items away to a charitable organization or simply take them to the dump. If you need to replace certain items, you might be able to buy them cheaper in your new hometown.

Know the Best Time to Move

If you can be flexible with your moving date, you should pick day that will allow you to cut some of your expenses. According to U.S. News, you should avoid moving at the end of the month or on the weekend or a holiday if you want to avoid higher costs. Companies may also charge more between the months of May and September due to it being the busiest time of year for movers.

Your cross-country move can be more successful if you take the necessary precautions and find smart ways to save money. Whether you choose to hire a moving company or handle the move on your own, there are always ways to simplify the relocation process.