6 Tips for Maintaining Your Coin Collection

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No matter how long it took to create a coin collection, it never hurts to maintain it. The success of a coin collection comes down to proper maintenance. Below are six tips that will help retain the value of your coins.

Safe Storage 

Coins often become susceptible to damages and tarnish when exposed to the air. Fortunately, there is a wide range of coins storage options, all already available from online and local coin collectors. You can use a clear styrene coin tube to store your same-size coins. Alternatively, coin collectors can use coin flips, which are flexible and transparent coin holders. Flips made of Mylar or polyester are the popular choices. Most of these coin flips have two pockets, where one pocket is used for storing paper notes while the other one for coins. Coin flips are available in a variety of sizes to meet individual needs and preferences. Your oldest coins are probably valuable than the new ones. As such, you can keep them in a hard plastic holder instead of a coin flip for safety. Plastic containers often offer more protection against damage and scratches than flip coin holders.

Place Coins on a Clean Surface 

While it’s necessary to put coins inside a flip holder, always lay it on a cushioned surface. You can use a velvet surface for holding valuable coins. Alternatively, one can use a clean cloth for holding less valuable coins. Never place a coin on a rough surface because its raised area can get damaged or scratched.

Wash Coins Gently 

The only cleaning that should be done on coins is removing surface dirt. You can use mild liquid soap to clean dust on the surface of a coin. Never wash an old penny with water as it contains chlorine, which often causes corrosion. Afterward, dip a cotton ball in distilled water and use it to remove any remaining dirt. You can dip another cotton ball in acetone and use it to rinse off any grease left on the surface of a coin.

Always Hold Coins by their Edges 

You should hold valuable metals by their edges. In fact, it may be necessary to use a polyethylene or cotton gloves when handling coins. Gloves help protect your pennies from acids and corrosive substances. Leaving a mark on a valuable currency can disfigure it and lessen its value.

Refrain from Cleaning Old Coins 

You can polish up your old pennies using a gum eraser. However, numismatists advise against scrubbing old coins rigorously. Intensive cleaning can tarnish toning, which is part of the value of a currency. In fact, damaging toning can diminish the value of a coin.

Avoid Touching Your Coins 

Touching a coin frequently can tarnish its toning and ultimately diminish its value. Handling coins with care can help maintain the value of your collection. Follow the above safe handling procedures to ensure your coins appeal to future generations and retain their value.