6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Patio This Summer

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If you want to spruce up your home’s patio this summer, then use these six ideas.

1: Buy Lightweight But Durable Wicker Furniture

When you want to have durable and lightweight furniture for your patio, choose sofas and chairs that are made from wicker. This type of patio furniture is timeless, and it is easy to update with paint on the wicker. Alternatively, you can add new back and seat cushions occasionally. You can find an assortment of wicker furniture at local stores, and it is also possible to find used chairs and couches at garage sales.

2: Add Potted Plants to Your Home’s Patio

If you have a paved patio area, then there is no place to plant seeds to have flowers. However, you can place potted plants on your patio to have an attractive ambience. Some of the best plants to have on your patio include:

• Asparagus fern
• Snake plant
• Peace lily
• Aloe
• Palms

Some types of potted plants will also deter insects, making your patio a more pleasant place to relax. You can set small potted plants on tables while larger containers can remain on a patio’s paved surface.

3: Install Attractive Paving Stones On Your Patio

Rather than coping with a grassy or dirt surface on your home’s patio, you can install attractive paving stones. You can find paving stones in a variety of colors and shapes. Manufacturers make paving stones easy to install by creating the items with interlocking edges that are simple to arrange in a pattern. If you enjoy do-it-yourself projects, then this is an easy patio update.

4: Install a Patio Heater For Warmth On Cold Evenings

To remain warmer on a patio during cold evenings, install a patio heater. There are different types of patio heaters that use butane, propane or petroleum gas to keep the outdoor space warmer. You can also find patio heaters that use electricity instead of combustible fuel.

5: Use Portable Privacy Walls On Your Patio

When you have a patio that is located near to a neighbor’s patio, you can use portable folding walls or screens to have more privacy. By placing the screens and walls in strategic locations, you can sunbathe without anyone watching you, and you can also enjoy more shade from the walls or screens.

6: Add Lighting To Your Home’s Patio

If you want to enjoy your patio in the evening, then make sure to add lighting fixtures. You can install traditional electric light strands, or you can find easy to install solar light fixtures. To avoid bites from flying insects, find a bug zapper light that attracts mosquitoes into the device to eliminate the pests.