Five Ways to Save Money On Wireless Refills


During a time when every penny counts, finding ways to save on your wireless refills can add much-needed funds to your budget. Whether you are saving for another purchase, you are trying to slim down your monthly expenses, or you cannot justify paying additional money when you don’t have to, this guide will help you find five possible ways to save money on wireless refills.

By using a prepaid wireless plan that is paid month-to-month instead of a contract, you are already saving a substantial amount of money for the same services. This is especially true if you decide you no longer need a cell phone and wish to cancel. Cancellation fees for contract cell phone plans can cost hundreds of dollars and can negatively impact your credit if you are unable to pay. With wireless refills: you only pay for the next month. If you don’t pay then you may lose your cell phone number, but you won’t be hit with exorbitant fees and penalties.

You should also call your cell phone company and see if they offer an auto-refill service at a discount. Providers such as Straight Talk offer this as a benefit. One drawback to monthly prepaid cell phone plans is that if you are even a day late with payment your service is suspended. Your cell phone service will remain suspended, except for emergency calls and calls to the plan’s customer service line, until you make a payment and your account is once again in good standing. By signing up for auto-refill, you can avoid this hassle. Straight Talk offers a discount $2.50 off every month on the $45 and $60 plans.

Boost Mobile offers a creative way to save money on your wireless bill. If you download their app that displays advertisements, and keep it on your phone for an entire month, they will credit five dollars to your account. You will earn five dollars for each month the app is active on your phone. Because this app uses data, the equivalent of three hours of streaming music per month, this might not be a viable option if you already use a significant amount of your data. Also, some may not enjoy having to view advertisements on their cell phone. Every time you swipe the lock screen you will be presented with special offers. As of right now, Boost Mobile is the only cell phone provider that offers this discount.

There are many cell phone providers offering wireless refills. If you take a trip to Wal-Mart and look down their cell phone aisle you will see just how many different companies there are. Take some time to research all of them. You will need to decide how much data you would like, and whether or not unlimited talk and text is important to you. Many times, you will find there are almost identical plans offered by two separate companies with equal cell reception in your area. Sometimes the only difference between the plans is the price tag. By comparison shopping, you are able to decide if you are being overcharged for the same service, and you can switch providers if necessary. One website that helps with comparing different plans is called WhistleOut. Simply input your information and the site will produce a list of suggested companies and their respective plan breakdowns.

Lastly, some wireless refill providers will offer a credit on your bill if you make the switch to their company. Cricket, for example, is a no contract cell phone company that offers new customers a $50 bill credit for switching to their company. This additional savings is something to keep an eye out for when you are comparison shopping.

Technology and services are constantly changing every day. A plan that was a fantastic deal when you signed up several years ago may now be expensive compared to newer offers. By staying informed, you can ensure that you are getting the best deal available on wireless refills, and getting all of the discounts you deserve.