Pros and Cons of Wood Stoves vs Gas Stoves


The traditional fireplace consists of one piece of brick hearth to which a brick chimney is embedded. Wood stoves are based on this traditional fireplace premise, with several modifications having been made to them through several years. Some factors make the stoves out-stand the other while some make them less preferable to the other.As the use of stoves get extended to new users, it’s vital to know which one fits in the specific environment.
One of the advantages of the wood stove is its ability to give the room the desired warm and cozy look and feel.Compared to gas stoves, wood stoves offer good ambiance with their sparks that resemble small fireworks and the smell of wood combustion.
The cost of wood stoves is cheaper as compared to gas stoves. Wood stoves, once installed only need a little maintenance cost, such as chimney inspection and soot clearing. They are easy to maintain by oneself without involving experts. Actually, wood stoves use wood which can be naturally obtained. This aspect comes in handy especially for rural folks who find it much easier to get wood.
Gas stoves are environmental friendly with regard to air pollution as compared to wood stoves. Some are even fitted with fans to enable heat circulate more efficiently and avoid in-house pollution. Gas stoves use natural gas and can be installed anywhere in the house. As compared to wood stoves, they emit lesser particulate emission lbs; approximately 0.28 lbs per every MMBtus of the output of heat. This is about ninety nine percent lower than wood stoves. This makes the gas stoves safer for human health as compared to the wood stoves.
On the other hand, gas stoves are manufactured with a lot of emphasis on modern heat-effective technology. In comparison to wood stoves, gas stoves do not require the users to go out collecting firewood or cut down any trees. In fact, there is no dirt or mess caused by soot or ash when one is using gas stoves. Their usage does not involve moving around; rather the apparatus functions on the single pressing of a switch.
Gas stoves are more convenient for urban folks as compared to wood stoves. In urban areas it is harder to obtain wood and neighbors would even sue one for cutting down the scarce trees. This is why gas stoves are convenient for urban people. Moreover, the gas stoves do not require a lot of work involved in their operation. Such kind of labor ranges from sweeping off ashes to collecting or buying fuel.
On fire safety, wood stoves are preferable in comparison to gas stoves. Wood stoves are less prone to fire accidents. Wood fires can be controlled better with the new and advanced wood stove as compared to gas fires which are hard to monitor. For example, burning wood can be extinguished using water or soil. Wood stoves are better in terms of fire safety measures.