The Top Management Styles of Successful Companies


Being able to effectively manage employees and resources is something that can make or break a business. Learning more about the leadership and management styles that have allowed the most successful businesses to rise to the top of their field can be very enlightening. Adopting the right management style has the potential to benefit almost every aspect of daily operations.

Top-Down Leadership 

A top-down approach focuses on establishing benchmarks and goals without worrying about micromanaging every job or process. Top-down management is often the only viable style when it comes to larger organizations and established businesses. This approach is often ideal for companies seeking to boost performance levels or to achieve specific goals.

Bottom-Up Management 

The bottom-up approach to management is far more organic. Rather than dictating instructions to employees and departments, the bottom-up approach allows for groups of workers to find and adopt solutions to specific solutions to problems as they arise. This style of management is well suited for new ventures, startups and smaller businesses that are striving just to establish themselves.

Goal-oriented Styles

While top-down and bottom-up management styles seem very different, they are both concerned with creating or adapting workflow processes in order to better deal with the everyday operations of a business. A goal-oriented approach is all about utilizing existing resources and directing efforts in order to achieve a specific short or long-term goal. This style has many significant advantages, but it may often be too narrow, rigid or inflexible for some situations.

Finding the Right Business Model or Plan 

A business model provides clear instructions for how an organization should operate just as a business plan lays out a road map to success. Management styles that utilize these two tools are often ideal for novice leaders and first-time business owners. Access to the right resources helps to ensure that managers are able to more easily avoid or overcome any problems or complications which may crop up in the days ahead.

Adopting the Right Leadership Style 

While there is a great deal to be learned by studying the management styles of the most successful companies, there is no one style of leadership able to suit the needs of every organization. Learning from the best managers and leaders can provide management professionals and business owners with the ideas and understanding needed to create, implement and improve upon their management style or system of organization. A little experimentation often holds the key to finding and selecting the right style of leadership. By using what works and discarding what doesn’t, it may be possible to utilize bits and pieces of radically different management styles in order to create a policy, business model or leadership style better suited to the unique needs of individual businesses.