The Top Places to View Residential Light Shows

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The Holidays. Those two words can induce so much stress and anxiety for many people. From the gifts you haven’t wrapped, the cookies you haven’t made, to the family obligations; it is no wonder many people count down until the Holidays are over. However, the best way to reduce Holiday stress is to actually enjoy everything that comes along with this busy season. The Holiday season is the only time where there are amazing residential light shows on display that can light up even the darkest of hearts.
Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NY
New York is one of the best places to visit during the Holiday season and is known for Rockefeller center, Holiday window displays and its big Christmas tree. However, in just twenty minutes to another borough, you can find a residential street that has the best Christmas décor in all of New York. Since the 1980’s the brick houses in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn are draped with Christmas lights and life-size decorations all throughout the neighborhood. It is an unspoken competition between neighbors and some displays cost close to $20,000! Visitors come from all over to see the displays and cars will pass by very slowly so that they don’t miss all of the details that are put into this spectacle.
Eucalyptus Lane, San Carlos, CA
It may not snow, but you can still have a white Christmas on Eucalyptus Lane in San Carlos, CA. The residents put on the most impressive street lights and pretend that it feels like winter. There are statues of Santa Clause, and even a live Santa for the kids to see! Residents decorate their cars to make it look like sleighs and gazebos strung in lights. The best way to for visitors to view is to park their cars a block or two away and stroll through the neighborhood to see everything.
South 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA

Lights are draped over every garden apartment throughout this neighborhood. There are lights on roofs, staircases, trees and inflatable snowmen, reindeer, and Santas placed all over. Every home is decorated and the street is illuminated with lights.
Pelham Gardens, Bronx, NY
“The Christmas House” also known as the Garabedian family home is a must see during the Christmas season. There are about 200 mannequins that are dressed up in old Hollywood style gowns. There are lights everywhere and a nativity scene with illuminated angels. Visitors will also see a horse-drawn carriage with a mannequin that looks like Cinderella. While visiting, people can bring money to donate to the Immaculate Conception Church.
Peacock Lane, Portland, OR
This quaint neighborhood with streets lined with Tudor homes is filled with sparkling lights, nativity scenes, rotating Christmas trees and life-like snowmen. Visitors will find that some houses are filled with decorations all with a theme such as “The Grinch House” and “The Snoopy House.” Police will regulate traffic but for best viewing, it is advised to park a few blocks away and walk through the neighborhood.