The Ultimate Fishing Net Buyer’s Guide


When you snag a fish, one of the most exciting moments is when you have reeled it in and are ready to haul it up in the net. There is nothing more disappointing than having the fish get away because the net you have fails. To prevent this, you need to get the right fishing net for you. To help you out, here is a guide to picking out the best fishing net to meet your needs.

Size of the Net

The first thing you need to consider when you are selecting your net is how big a net you need. There are huge nets that are appropriate for saltwater fishing or fishing for large fish like muskie. There are small nets that are perfect for fly fishing. There are also medium-sized nets that are versatile enough to handle most types of fishing. You may want to get a few different sizes of nets if you like to do different types of fishing.

Net Materials

The three main types of materials used for the netting in fish nets are rubber, nylon and coated nylon. You should avoid using nylon that is not coated. Uncoated nylon nets are very damaging to fish. This is especially true of uncoated nylon nets that have knots. The uncoated nylon knots can hurt the fish, damaging their scales and scraping off their protective slime. If you are a catch-and-release fisherman, you need to get a rubber or coated nylon net that is made without knots to avoid damaging fish when you get them in the net.

Size of the Mesh

You need to vary the size of the mesh on your net for the size of the fish you are catching. Small river trout should be caught with micro nesh to avoid damaging them. Larger fish like walleye and bass need to be netted with a mesh that has inch-long holes. The largest fish can be netted with mesh that has two-inch holes. Nets that have mesh with larger holes are easier to move through the water.

Net Handles

An important consideration when you are purchasing a fishing net is the handle. The three main types of materials used for handles are wood, aluminum and fiberglass. Aluminum and fiberglass are lighter and stronger than wood, but wood handles are aesthetically pleasing. One of the best features on modern nets is a telescoping handle. When you have a telescoping handle, the handle retracts for easy storage. The length of a telescoping handle can also be varied depending on the fisherman’s needs.

The right net will make your fishing adventures more enjoyable. If you follow this guide, you will be able to find the perfect net to meet your needs. Make sure to shop around to find the best price on any net you are considering.