4 Reasons Hemp Oil is beneficial to your Health


Ok, let’s take care of the elephant in the room first: hemp is not cannabis. Though it is closely related to the much-disputed plant, it is botanically not the same. Hemp contains much less of the THC chemical than does it’s cannabis cousin, so it’s not going to give you the “high” that makes it so controversial. That said there are many amazing benefits to using hemp oils to support your health.


Getting the right nutrition is really tough in a society where we have access to mostly highly processed foods that are convenient, but may still leave us malnourished. Finding the right supplements to your nutrition is very important. Many of us do not want to take dozens of pills for this vitamin or that that mineral. Finding products that offer what we need in a way that is easy to use is really attractive.

Hemp oil is one such oil that offers so much nutritionally. According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, in tablespoon of hemp oil, you are going to get:

  • 1 gram saturated fat, mostly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Chlorophyll

If you use the seeds, either whole or ground, add to this iron, thiamin, magnesium, zinc and manganese, all of which are essential to the human body to work properly.

Skin Care

Not only is hemp oil good for your nutrition, but it is also great for your skin. According to this May 2016 article at Huffington Post, hemp oil can be used to promote health skin by:

  • Alleviating dry skin
  • Removing makeup
  • Reducing acne
  • Relieve eczema

Relieves Joint Pain

Hemp oil can even be used to help with some of the everyday aches and pains life brings with it. In a June 2015 article Huffington Post Canada offers that hemp seed oil can reduce joint due to the high levels of Gamma linolenic acid (GLA).

Support Overall Health
Due to the high value hemp seed oil offers nutritionally, consuming this incredible oil supports your overall health. Using it on your skin is good, but actually eating it will help you stay healthier. As you provide your body more of the nutrients it needs, it is able to function more effectively the way it is supposed to.

Keep in mind that pure hemp seed oil does go rancid easily. Keep it in a dark-colored glass container, best stored in the refrigerator.