4 Smart Reasons to Show Appreciation to Your Nonprofit’s Donors


Most people can agree that it is polite to show your appreciation to your organization’s donors, but it can also be a great strategic choice. Donors respond to gratitude very well, as long as you show it in the right way. That means there are a few concrete reasons to do the polite thing and show your donors that you appreciate their efforts.

Donor Retention

Giving thanks for the donations that you receive is one of the best ways to make sure that you get more donations in the future. That should seem like common sense. After all, most people like to know that they are appreciated, and most of us know that we are more likely to help people who appreciate that help than those who do not. You do need to make sure that your appreciation comes across as genuine, such as by sending notes rather than digital messages, but that effort does offer an incredible return on investment for most organizations.

Media Exposure

A declaration of appreciation can serve as a powerful marketing tool if you do it as part of a public event. The media coverage draws attention to your organization, which means that more people will be aware of it and consider offering a donation of their own. The publicity can also boost the status of the donors, which can be very appealing to businesses and other groups that want to be popular. You do need to weigh the cost of the event against the expected gains from the publicity, but it will often be a net gain for your organization.

Communication Opportunities

All organizations need to communicate with their donors. That can involve asking for future donations, keeping them informed about the organization’s activities, and a number of other topics. There are a lot of ways to do that, and one of the better choices it to include that information with the thank-you note. Many donors love to hear about how you are putting their funds to use, and it is a great way to lead into future requests. After all, people are more likely to give when they know their donations will make a difference.

Social Media Benefits

Donors who are thanked often respond by making a social media post about it, especially if they are thanked in a way that seems noteworthy or especially genuine. That social media post will give others a chance to find out about your organization, and some of them are likely to donate their time or money to it. It is unlikely that your note or gesture will go viral, but even a small amount of exposure on social media can have a big impact on your organization in the future.