4 Tips for Picking The Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

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There is nothing quite as beautiful as a bride on her wedding day. Except maybe her bridesmaids and their beautiful dresses.

Picking what your bridesmaids will wear on your our big day is harder than it seems because everyone always has opinions on what they should wear, what color blah blah.

It’s easy to be easily stressed and confused on whose advice to take. Having your bridesmaids looking their best comes down to these four things:

Longer is better

It is no lie that short dresses are sexy. However, unless your dress is going to be short and simple, above the knee length often looks more awkward next to the gravitas of a wedding dress especially in photographs.

Short dresses can be worn during the reception or after party when people need to loosen up. The dress should also not be too long that it outshines the brides.

Know your budget

Before even considering what type of dress to choose, it’s important to rule out how much you are willing to spend on dresses. This will help to narrow down your options on the type of dress, brands, and style.

If your bridesmaids are paying for the dresses, set a budget that is comfortable for everyone. The less they need to pay, the better for them. You could also consider taking an even cheaper option of renting the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Go with the season

This is important for comfort and even for matching with the weather. If you’re getting married in the summer, consider getting dresses made out of light material and throw bold, bold colors here and there.

Winter will require heavy material, and cover-ups against the cold weather plus more subtle colors such as white is not a bad choice.

Be different

One of the greatest ways of pleasing everyone is having everyone pick out their style and perfect design of a dress. All your bridesmaids a style that they prefer whether it’s off-shoulder dresses or sleeveless dresses, a fitting dress or a loose one.

However, to ensure that they don’t stray too far from each other, pick a color and length then let them choose how they want it to be designed.

This way everyone is comfortable and at their best on your day.

Finding the perfect dress doesn’t have to be the stressful task people always label it as. You already have too much on your plate.

There always has to be a fine line between pleasing people and staying true to what you envisioned for your big day.

Be open to new opinion but also keep in mind what you want. Just make sure that everyone feels good and looks even better.