5 Tips When Your Business is Undergoing Renovations


If your business is being updated and undergoing renovations, it can be difficult to keep everything up and running without too much of an effect. However, there are things that you can do to make the process a little bit easier.


  1. Rent a Portable Storage Container:

Renting a portable storage container can be a big help when you are doing renovations. If contactors will be working in one area, something needs to happen with furniture and any other items that you plan on saving. You can rent the storage container for a short period of time or a longer period of time – they are that flexible. There is no ramp and they are temperature controlled and protect your belongings from rain. As each section of the business is being worked on, you can just take things to the storage container to be protected from construction dust and debris.

  1. Tape Things Off:

If you are trying to still run your business, if would be best to tape off the area where work is being done. This will help to keep dust and some fumes out of the area that is still being used. If possible, open some windows to help with air–flow. If your business doesn’t interact with people in person or on the telephone, you can give your employees noise-cancelling headphones, which may help, cut down on some of the construction noise.

  1. Move/Rearrange Temporarily:

If you have a business that makes a lot of phone calls, requires a lot of quiet or the construction is just getting a bit too much, you may want to temporarily move or re-arrange the office. You can re-arrange the office to move your employees further away from the construction noise and debris or rent a temporary space to conduct business.

  1. Close Temporarily:

If you have customers that come into your business, it can be hard to stay open while under construction. With the noise, dust and fumes, it can drive customers away. You may need to close for a short period of time where the largest renovation items are addressed or change to where the renovations are only completed at night so it is quiet during the day.

  1. Keep Clean:

Try and keep the office space as clean as possible. In addition to taping off the area being worked on, up the amount of vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting that you do to combat what is coming from the construction zone. An air purifier can help with some of the fumes and debris, and you may need to open the windows as well to air the place out.


Renovating your business while trying to stay open can be extremely difficult. Some businesses are able to find good a work around, while others are not. It is important to plan out any renovations well in advance and think of any issue that may come up so you are prepared.