5 Ways to Rid Your Home Of Pests This Summer


Nothing ruins a beautiful summer day in your home quite like an infestation of insects. Whether they’re big or small, they are irritating, embarrassing, and unclean. It seems we can spend the whole summer swatting. So what can you do to banish these tiny invaders? Here are 5 ways to take control of your pest problem and reclaim your home for the summer.

1. Create Exclusion

Many pests find their way in through doors, windows, and other openings in your home. Take charge of those. Repair damaged screens. Check door sweeps to verify that they are closing tightly. If you have gaps in window frames or door facings, use caulk to seal them up. They can’t bother you if they can’t get in, so block them out!

2. Eliminate Food Sources

No pest will stick around if there’s no food available. This sounds easy enough, but remember that it does not take a lot of food to nourish a large number of pests. On top of that, the food doesn’t have to be visible. Look under the refrigerator and range. Check all around the garbage can. Clean cooktops and countertops, giving particular attention to food preparation areas. Dispose of or refrigerate product instead of leaving it on the counter. Store nonperishable foods like flour and sugar in airtight containers.

3. Trap Them

You don’t have to spray chemicals all over the house to control persistent invaders like fruit flies. You can build a homemade insect trap of inexpensive materials that you probably already have. Put a couple of these traps in place in your kitchen and you’ll quickly see the numbers dwindle.

4. Clean Them Up

Many insects and spiders make their homes in the quieter areas of your home, the rooms that aren’t used as often. This may include guest rooms or a finished basement, and it can quickly result in a bad insect problem. Regular sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and general cleaning up can go a long way toward reducing their populations.

5. Go to the Source

Ants in the house come from ants outside the house, so sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Have an exterminator come and look for ant colonies outside your house, then chemically treat any that are found. The smaller the population of ants around your home, the fewer there will be that get inside.

Many a picnic or family dinner has been ruined by pests. When it’s summertime and everybody wants to be outside, the problem gets worse. With these steps, you’ll have a good starting point for keeping insects away from your home all summer long.