6 Christmas Tree Decorating Trends of 2016


Looking for some Christmas tree decorating inspiration? Well, Florists’ Review, among others, shares the ideas below as the latest Christmas tree decorating style trends for 2016. There are two general trends that will work with any Christmas tree decorating style you choose. The first general trend is replacing the Christmas tree skirt with something else that coordinates with your tree decor. The other general trend is decorating a smaller tree that is sitting on a buffet, chest, or table. So consider these two general trends, along with the 2016 Christmas tree decorating trends below.

1.Cabin in the Woods

This style combines both the interior and exterior elements of cabin life. From the exterior elements, you might use birch, twigs, pine cones, deer, squirrels, rabbits, owls, cardinals, and bird’s nest. From the interior, you might use lanterns, mittens, snowshoes, burlap, flannel, and plaids. Colors would be white, tan, brown, gray, hunter green, and red.


Metallics, for 2016, focus on either a combination of gold and silver or all copper. Metallics reflect the lights giving the tree an added glow. Gold and silver create an elegant, refined feel. Copper creates a warm feel.
3.Complement Your Decor

A new trend in decorating your Christmas tree is to continue the style and colors that you are already using in your home. It makes transitioning to Christmas easier because there is no extra work or expense needed to blend your Christmas tree with your regular decor.


Another move away from traditional Christmas colors, is the trend to decorate a Christmas tree in neutral colors. Colors are white and tan using materials like burlap and kraft paper. Gold and silver are often added.

5.DIY Decorating

A more family-oriented Christmas decorating style would be using homemade ornaments or ornaments that look homemade. These can be ornaments made from fabric, yarn, wood, or a variety of other materials.

6.Neon Pastels

Another Christmas tree style that is a departure from the traditional Christmas colors is the neon pastels that include pink, blue, green, and purple. They are fun and work with a green, white, or neon tree.
So if you are looking for some Christmas tree decorating ideas, these are the latest ideas for your consideration.