6 Unique Ways to Show Pet Appreciation


If you are a pet owner and are crazy about your pooch or kitty cat, you probably want to show them off a bit and brag about how cute they are. There are different ways that you can show appreciation for your own pets, or animals in general.


Make a donation:

One way to show appreciation for pets in general is to donate to your local animal shelter. Bring them supplies that they desperately need like: cat and dog food, cat litter, blankets, towels, beds and brushes. A cash donation is also great so they can put the money in other areas where it is needed like medical care.



Volunteering at a local animal shelter is a great way to show appreciation for pets. Walk some dogs, clean some kennels, clean litter boxes, bottle feed kittens, and play with the kitties and doggies. Shelters always need help, by volunteering your time you are helping them save a pets life.


Get something printed:

Getting something like a pillow that looks like your pet, a painting of your pet, your pet on a magnet, bumper sticker for your car or a great picture printed out in a specialty frame you are showing the world how much you love and appreciate your pet.


Get your pet a fancy new treat:

If you want to show your pet direct appreciation, get them a special treat. Pick out something at the store you know they’d love. Whether it is a rawhide, a chewy treat, some catnip or some pate – find something that you know will make them happy.


Get your pet a neat toy or game:

There are a lot of neat pet toys out on the market. Whether it be mechanical, old school, or even apps for your ipad – there are a lot of things out there that can help your pet work off some energy.


Take your doggie out on the town:

Most dogs love people and going places with their people. There are a lot of places that have become dog friendly from home improvement stores to some restaurants that have outdoor patios. Bring your dog a long with you and your significant other when going out to dinner or running errands. But, always call to make sure you are in understanding of their policies before visiting the establishment with your pooch.


These are just a few of the ways that you can show appreciation to your own pet or pets and animals in general.