How-to Choose a Home Health Care Company For Your Loved One


When a relative requires professional care in her home because she is aging, you will want to hire the best caregiver possible. Home health care companies send different types of caregivers to homes, but you will want to choose the proper home health care agency. Here are a few tips for hiring the best home health care company.

Tip 1: Is the Home Health Care Agency Licensed? 

It is essential to hire a licensed home health care agency, so you can check your region’s licensing board for this information. In addition to looking on the internet for information, you can contact the licensing board with an email or telephone call to learn the most recent information about the company.

Tip 2: What Type Of Training Does the Home Health Care Agency’s Caregivers Receive? 

You will want to know if the home health care agency trains its employees in a variety of processes such as performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation or emergency first aid. Most home health care agencies hire certified nursing assistants or home health aides, but you might need a licensed practical nurse instead.

Tip 3: Are the Employees Background Screened For Criminal Activity? 

The home health care agency should background screen its employees at different levels to determine if the individuals have any arrests. You won’t want to leave an elderly individual with someone who is violent or who steals. One of the benefits of hiring from a home health care agency is that this procedure is already finished because it can take several weeks to complete background checks.

Tip 4: Can You Hire Multiple Caregivers? 

You may need to have multiple caregivers for a relative who requires 24-hour assistance in her home. While some caregivers will live inside a home, the person will still require some time off from her job. In addition, you might have a part-time caregiver who only works for a few hours a day, but if she is ill, then you will need a replacement assistant.

Tip 5: Are You Able To Meet the Caregiver First? 

When you are hiring someone to work in a relative’s home to provide personal care, it is important that the person is someone likable. If your elderly relative doesn’t get along with the caregiver, then it will become an unpleasant situation for everyone.

Tip 6: Has Your Relative’s Insurance Company Approved the Home Health Care Agency? 

If your relative’s home health care is covered by insurance, then you should verify that the insurance company has approved the home health care company. While you can often pay for the difference in the cost of care, this may not be an affordable option for your needs.